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    Top 21 Movies That Won the Best Oscar

    Oscar – the world’s largest film award of the year is held in Hollywood. Films that won Oscars...

    by Kiên 20-07-2021

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      Top 12 Latest Chinese 3D Cartoons 2020

      3D animation in Chinese 2020 has shown no signs of slowing down in Vietnam, despite the fact that...

      by Kiên 07-06-2021

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        Top 15 Best Chinese History Drama Cartoons of 2020

        Chinese cinema today is extremely developed and has a great attraction. Not only in the country...

        by Kiên 31-05-2021

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          Top 10 most impressive and haunting man-eater sharks movies of all time

          The concept of "summer blockbuster" of Hollywood cinema was officially born in 1975 with the...

          by Kiên 17-05-2021

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            The top 10 best movies of the romance genre are about resilient Chinese women

            If in the past movies with the content of the prince and duckling or the cinderella were popular,...

            by Kiên 14-05-2021