The top 10 most beautiful homestay in MoC Chau

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by Iris 21-04-2020

MoC Chau is one of the beautiful tourist attractions with a lot of beautiful untouched natural landscapes. Enjoy the views of MoC Chau and discover the specialty dishes here will be the most interesting thing for you when choosing MoC Chau is a tour. However travel to MoC Chau You also need to learn through the hotels, the homestay helps you rest and stop overnight in the mountains. In MoC Chau There are many homestays, each homestay provides you with different quality and services. In today's article I want to send to you to read the most beautiful homestay in MoC Chau, invite you to read with your reference through Nhé.


Nha Ta Homestay


by Iris 21-04-2020

The most beautiful homestay in Moc Chau- Nha Ta Homestay Moc Chau. (Photo: Internet)

Nha Ta Homestay is a place to rest, stop for the young enthusiasts have a new space, close, comfortable as when in his home. The room was clean and comfortable, the staff was very helpful.
The guest rooms of this homestay in MoC Chau are conical huts such as pointed mountains, grandeur in the northwestern Highlands. Each room has an area of 8 square meters, small but not squash because of the very open space, around the room is the natural setting of green with streams , lawns, greenery... Each room will be 2 people.
At the same time, our Homestay has enough space for you to organize the festival, outdoor barbecue, music exchange, Café space...

Address: 53, Tran Huy data, MoC Chau, son La


Moc Chau Areva Village


by Iris 21-04-2020

Moc Chau's most beautiful Homestay-Moc Chau Areva Village. (Photo: Internet)

Moc Chau Arena Village is located in the heart of Moc Chau Farm town with views overlooking lush green tea hills.
The container Bungalow is uniquely distinct in the Moc Chau Arena Village. The beautifully designed container houses with vibrant colors are fully equipped with amenities such as a standard hotel room.
With the lovely rooms in the middle of the green tea Hills interwoven by the plum trees, the container bungalow will help you to soak up the nature and bring the feeling of tranquility, fresh.
Areva Village also has collective stilt houses with a loving price for the group to crowd. Come to homestay in MoC Chau you also have the opportunity to experience green tea and MoC Chau fresh milk bathing services.

Address: Km 122/180 National Route 6, sub-area, Moc Chau Farm Town, Moc Chau, Son La


Happy Land home in Moc Chau Plateau


by Iris 21-04-2020

Moc Chau Homestay-Happy Land home in Moc Chau Plateau. (Photo: Internet)

Happy Land is one of the most well-known leisure resorts in Moc Chau. Happy Land has a unique homestay designed as a quaint tube house with colourful colors. Surrounded by plenty of leafy flowers, it is one of the most beloved destinations in Moc Chau. Alternatively, you can choose HappyLand Bungalow with a 2-star standard for up to four people in 1 room.
You want to try the feeling of waking up in a place filled with flowers in front of the eyes, breathe fresh air, evening crank on the side of the group you sip the baked goods in the cold cool weather characteristic of the plateau, passionate singing.... All will be at Happy Land – Homestay in Moc Chau.
If you are choosing Homestay Happy Land, you can easily move to the pine forest, strawberry garden and go upside down to the farm town that will reach Tea hills and na Ka Plum Valley.
Happy Land is not only a homestay but also a fun area with the largest flower valley of Moc Chau, the high-altitude market, the performances of high-altitude culture, interesting areas, fun sheep farm and high-altitude cuisine restaurant.

Address: Highway 43, Midget, Muong Sang, Moc Chau, son La


Avocado House Homestay Moc Chau


by Iris 21-04-2020

The most beautiful homestay in MoC Chau-butter House homestay MoC Chau. (Photo: Internet)

Homestay Butter House is located in the middle of MoC Chau Plateau and is a green mountain. Here you will be immersed in the majestic mountain space, in a small wooden house with your family of friends.
Each room of butter House has a different style that makes visitors feel interested and want to discover every corner of the alley. The room was clean and tidy.
Butter's kitchen is fully equipped with the necessary supplies for you to cook your own meals and your loved ones. The market is close to the homestay so you don't need to worry. Eat 1 homemade meal, in a strange place, 1 interesting thing to experience! Besides, homestay MoC Chau also has a play area, coffee space, background,.. For people to enjoy the fun and check in always.

Address: Xom 2 Sub-district of agency, Phieng Luong, MoC Chau, son La.


The November homestay


by Iris 21-04-2020

Homestay đẹp nhất Mộc Châu - The November homestay. (Ảnh: Internet)

The November Homestay is designed in the style of European wooden houses that are both harmonious with nature and close to the very warm, with "1 0 2" in MoC Chau. Located in a small alley just about 500 meters from the pine forest, this is a new European-style homestay with a variety of homestay in MoC Chau. With the way of decorating the space gives a sense of tranquility, cozy, this is the ideal place for anyone who wants to escape the bucket in the big city. The rooms have the name of each month, 11 rooms with 11 months of the year. The smell of pine wood, beautiful items, space is airy. Everything together creates a unique touch for this homestay in MoC Chau.

Address: No. 88, Alley 3, sub Zone 34, Dong Sang, MoC Chau, son La


"Lang" homestay


by Iris 21-04-2020

Best Homestay in MoC Chau – village Homestay. (Photo: Internet)

Do you enjoy the romantic experience of "the house"? Want to try the novelty of living in a "container"? Or like mesmerizing model "home pipe" super love? All are able to experience at the Homestay village.
Just like the name "Village" – this homestay in MoC Chau is like a small village hidden in the natural greenery with a full range of rooms such as: Bungalow (Pyramid), container house, tiny tube (home tube) and dorm (gym).
You can be spoiled for virtual living by the village owning a unique homestay design. Not only beautiful in the morning, the evening, when the village on the shimmering lamp and brilliant will give you a background "virtual living" super nice.

Address: Sub-area 32, farm Town, MoC Chau, son La


Hill House


by Iris 21-04-2020

Homestay đẹp nhất Mộc Châu - Đồi house. (Ảnh: Internet)

On 1 windy hillside, each beautiful house is built, each grass, each flower is planted and cared little by little. If you want to soak in the wind, trees, incense, flowers The hill is 1 very worthy experience and will stay in your heart beautiful memories.
With a distinctive design, it can be quite impressive compared to other homestay in MoC Chau. The rooms are small, cute and sweet as the name itself that hill House call them: Love room, lovely, double, dorm... Exquisite design according to the architecture characteristic of classic homestay with modern features but still keep the Asian style East immersed in nature.
Room "Lovely " dedicated to couples, the spacious dorm rooms with a capacity of 10 people or more, suitable for groups of young friends who want to have their own space to gather, exchange.
Also thanks to the excellent location that morning you have views of the Northwest Dawn, afternoon watching the sunset brilliant. In the evening, he fires a campfire and sings, dancing with his friend's season.

Address: Tay Tien Hill, MoC Chau District, son La


Mama’s House Hostel


by Iris 21-04-2020

MoC Chau Homestay-Mama's House Hostel. (Photo: Internet)

A beautiful wooden house like a Korean film is an intimate name used by the guests at the Mama's house. If you are a follower of the white apricot forests of MoC Chau and AO wish to be once living in that setting, hide the noisy town to come to Mama's House Hostel right away.
Bungalows in a dream garden with clear glass windows overlook the forest scent. Try to imagine a little bit of scrolling, lying in a thick blanket, looking out at the glass door, dreaming, plum, and gently winding in cold mist.
Even more convenient to serve meals, campfire, BBQ if you have a need.

Address: No. 27, 3, Dong Sang, MoC Chau, son La


Nhà Bên Suối - Mộc Châu


by Iris 21-04-2020

The most beautiful Homestay in MoC Chau – Stream House-MoC Chau. (Photo: Internet)

With beautiful wooden bungalows in a romantic spring, hidden in the white colors of MoC chau plum blossoms make this beautiful scenery, painted in the romance painting. Designed with no frills but simply wooden material, the bungalows with a gentle color tones make anyone come to the place to feel relaxed, warm, away from dust smoke in the city noisy.
Every morning waking up, the veranda "on the stream house" that launches the small stream, nothing more wonderful. This Homestay in MoC Chau will be the perfect choice if you want to stay in a friendship setting with mountains, streams, grass, trees, flowers, leaves...

Address: No 63, Tran Huy Materials Street, MoC Chau, son La


Gấu Smile homestay


by Iris 21-04-2020

The most beautiful Homestay in MoC Chau-Bear Smile homestay. (Photo: Internet)

This homestay has a pretty unique design with diamonds and fancy sails covered under the tree foliage, fresh air in it is a tranquil space for tourists to forget the noisy, dusty city.

Address: Nguyen Hoai Xuan Street, sub Area 6 MoC Chau town, MoC Chau District, son La province

Hope this article will help you to find the most beautiful homestay in MoC Chau and have the best choice for your trip in MoC Chau. You love the homestay most please like and share to everyone who knows about the most beautiful homestay in MoC Chau.