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    Top 10 saddest heartbreaking Chinese dramas

    Chinese dramas are always irresistibly attractive and fascinating because of the scenes,...

    by Thuy Van Nguyen 16-11-2020

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      The top 10 best movies of the romance genre are about resilient Chinese women

      If in the past movies with the content of the prince and duckling or the cinderella were popular,...

      by Kiên 14-05-2021

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        Top 10 most impressive and haunting man-eater sharks movies of all time

        The concept of "summer blockbuster" of Hollywood cinema was officially born in 1975 with the...

        by Kiên 17-05-2021

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          Top 10 marry first love later Chinese dramas

          Marriage is not always the end of love. Sometimes it is the beginning for love to blossom. There...

          by Thuy Van Nguyen 17-11-2020

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            Top 18 best films starring Huang Xiaoming

            Fans of Huang Xiaoming are always enthralled by good films in which he appears. Not only was he...

            by Kiên 13-05-2021

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              Top 12 must-watch Thailand romantic dramas with badass & rich lead male

              Thai romantic series, with badass & rich lead male are no longer a new topic to dramaholics....

              by Thuy Van Nguyen 02-11-2020

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                Top 13 boldest 18+ Korean movies in Asia

                The 18+ rating is an essential component of any cinema in the world.Although not a prerequisite...

                by Kiên 13-05-2021

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                  Top 10 Best Chinese Cuisine Films

                  Food is one of the most attractive areas in life. Delicious dishes ensure visual beauty, fragrant...

                  by Nguyễn Lê Duy 10-11-2020