Top 3 Kebab Rice noodles Hanoi is extremely tasty that you should try in District 1

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by Thông 13-04-2020

Kebab Rice noodles Hanoi is a typical dish of the north, with special type and fish sauce can not be mixed. Gradually, this delicious dish has advanced into the South and is very pleased with the people. You just try a stroll on the familiar streets of Ho Chi Minh City, it is not difficult to see a Hanoi Pork noodle shop. That's enough to prove the popularity and everyone's favorite for this northern-style dish. If you have some time to get into the bustling downtown of the city, don't miss out on the 5 bun cha ha Noi in this excellent District 1!


Quán Nem


by Thông 13-04-2020

Address: 15E Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1
The first impression at the restaurant is the appearance of the restaurant. With a green door frame surrounded by glasses, any guest will feel comfortable to set foot here. When you step inside, you'll see the tables, your own wooden chair, as you remind yourself of the very old days. On the walls are the paintings of the restaurant and their culinary story. The subtle way of decorating the Nem bar will give you the opportunity to recall the old days very close.
Here, there are special only two dishes, ha noi rice noodles and crab rolls. It is because the owner wants to focus on the quality of each dish, taking all the power to create the best flavor instead of racing the number of dishes with other goods. So, this is a "heart-sitting" address of the gourmets, they come here to experience a sophisticated and delicate cuisine.


Bun Cha 145 – Bui Vien


by Thông 13-04-2020

This is a familiar address for tourists

Address: 145 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao ward, Dist 1
This is a familiar address for tourists. This is also easy to understand because the Rice noodle shop is located right on the Tay Bui Vien Street. The restaurant is small but the layout is neat, cute, evoke a sense of generosity, pleasant to step here. You will often find the brothers West backpack waiting for the dish with a long-sleeved chopsticks on hand, or the surprising expression of the visitors when first tasting a traditional Vietnamese dish. All of these adorable things have created a very particular expression for bun cha 145.
As the bar focuses entirely on a dish that is bun cha, you will not be able to find any other main dish in the menu, which will accompany it as well as the type of noodles or rolls. Since it is in the West Street, the staff are very good and the service is very enthusiastic, not for you to wait for a long time and also not to be upset.


Bún chả Hoa Đong


by Thông 13-04-2020

Address: 121 Dali self-esteem, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1
If you don't know, this place is the old noodle soup for more than half a century! Originally, it was merely a sidewalk burden, a childhood memory of many generations in Saigon. Now, the East Flower has a private bar in the center of District 1, but the taste remains intact, nothing changed. Here, you will see the grilled rolls on charcoal, which is the traditional grilled way of the Ha Noi. Precisely because it keeps the same processing that the flavor of the dish here is extremely round and distinctive.
After baking, it will have a fragrant aroma, waking up all senses inside you. When eating, you will eat with rice noodles, northern sauce and raw vegetables. To save the fulness of such flavors, the owner must be a very meticulous and passionate person with the food you create. You can feel all that if you have a visit here.
You see, besides the noodle soup with shrimp paste, Hanoi Bun Cha has scored outstanding in the heart of the people of the South. With the rustic flavor, but measured in a conscientious and careful manner, chefs have helped us experience the full exquisite flavor of the capital cuisine. So if you have not had the opportunity to go to Hanoi, please try the 3 noodle soup in Ha Noi District 1 to learn more about Hanoi, as well as Hanoi!