Film Recap: Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

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by Huệ cookie 14-04-2021

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (Too Fast Too Dangerous: Hobbs and Shaw) is the most anticipated movie in 2019, this is the most thrilling and engaging extra-story movie of the year with the appearance of two bald brothers. 'Heavyweight' 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The late-summer action blockbuster gives viewers spectacular scenes and reaches 14 billion on the early release day (July 31), setting a box office record in Vietnam.

Action movie Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw with choking scenes of two baldy

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General information

  • IMDb points:


  • Directors:

    David Leitch

  • Cast:

    Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby

  • Nation:

    United State

  • Year:


  • Time to hit theaters:

    31/7/2019 ( Việt Nam)

  • Time:

    2h16 m

  • Film type:

    Phim lẻ

  • Category:

    Phim hành động

Movie summary

What happens when the police and criminals have to work together again?

The Hobbs police guy and the criminal Shaw. On the same day, both receive important missions. Girl Hattie Shaw is an excellent MI6 agent, in the process of retrieving the biological weapon from the terrorist bug ... She encountered the black shirt, led by the half-human and half-machine Brixton he easily dealt with. management of her teammates. Knowing she couldn't fight him, she decided to inject the virus into her body and walk away. Brixton took the radio, creating a fake scene that Hattie betrayed, stole the biological weapon, and fled.

The Department of Intelligence contacted Hobbs and Pham Shaw suggested to work together to find Hattie and get back the biological weapon, this is a super virus, 72 hours after being infected, will liquefy organs and die in suffering. , and become a catastrophic destruction for all mankind. However, the two refused to cooperate, quarreled each other and left. Both of them said that they do not need any other associates. 2 people used their own way to search for Hattie, Hobbs found before. Hattie tried to fight back from Hobbs but soon Hobbs caught her, lifting her up. Hobbs tried to ask where the Hattie virus was, she said no, she didn't kill anyone. Because Hobbs loopholes, she stole a gun from the employee and fought with Hobbs to find a chance to escape, at this moment Shaw also appeared. The three sides pointed their guns at each other. Hattie said, the virus inside of her, If you want the virus then think about how to get it out of your body. At this moment, the glass door exploded, Brixton rushed in, repeatedly opened fire and took Hattie away. Brixton used the cable to jump down, Hobbs quickly swung the cable to chase, Shaw made a softer choice - the elevator itself.

Seeing he was about to catch up, Hobbs let go of his hands, knocked two soldiers down, Hattie removed the lock on Brixton, the two fell down, seeing that Hobbs also quickly jumped down, dragging Brixton. At that time, Shaw was just in time to get off the elevator, steal guns and take care of the remaining soldiers.

Brixton and Hobbs began to duel with each other. A tall and muscular guy, but Brixton is a genomic fighter, possessing many evolutionary programs of machines, with a powerful combat system. Hobbs' trajectory he was foreseeable, a Hobbs blow was just like a slow motion. Guns and bullets were useless to him as well. Realizing that fighting could not continue, Hobbs quickly threw a bomb, grabbed him, and quickly took Hattie away with Shaw. Brixton sent the motorcycle to chase and the dramatic chase began.

Brixton cut off the tail, and three people went to the scientist who made the virus - Dr. Andreiko. Only he knew how to remove the virus from Hattie's body.

He looked at Hattie's hand and said, have to take it out within 48 hours, otherwise she won't be alone. There are 2 ways: 1 is to burn both Hattie and the virus, the second is to have a machine and this machine is located in a secret military zone, it is very difficult to break into it. While the three went to Mascovar, looking for Shaw's friend Magaritta for help, the professor was taken away by Brixton. They planned, let Magaritta use the bounty name, hand over Hattie to Brixton. Hattie was taken to the military base, at which time Hobbs and Shaw relied on their location, found the base, parachuted into the crater above the base, took out the guards, after using the guard's mucosa. The door, surprising because Brixton's army was waiting here for guns. 2 people were arrested and taken away.

At the lab, Hattie, while waiting for the doctor to take the virus out of her body, she quickly dealt with the guards, taking the device and the professor away. At this time, Hobbs and Shaw were tied on a torture chair, Hattie quickly mixed into the crowd, stealing a gun to threaten Brixton, unfortunately, the gun was only activated when there was a chip. At this moment, Professor appeared, saved 3 people with a flint gun. They got a car and fled together. Hobbs quickly took the car with the device hidden, Brixton and the motorbike crew chased the attack. The chase and fierce attack between people and the reinforcing army took place. The whole base was burned down by explosives, Dr. died with his research, a whole house collapsed, burying Brixton happily helped 3 people escape safely.

Discovering the device was broken, Hobbs sought help, where in the end of the world he didn't want to go there was home. Under the help of family and tribe, quickly installed the trap system, and repaired the equipment. At this point, Hattie got into the genetically modified warrior's weapon system, which could paralyze the system within 6 minutes. This side, Brixton is also being held revived and upgraded.

The device was fixed, Hattie was taking the viurust out of her body, the army of Brixton attacked, the Hobbs went out to fight, their brothers formed the original tribe, shouting the slogans from ancestral times. Brixton assumed they were crazy and issued a shooting order, however at this point, the gun could not be stopped because Hattie had disabled their device.

Hobbs let a car explode, using gasoline to form a ring of fire, the two sides started a fierce battle. Not long after, reinforcements arrived, the warehouse exploded, Hattie was taking the virus when Brixton caught him, and took it to the helicopter. Hobbs and Shaw quickly chased, pulled the plane back with iron chains, but were pulled away by helicopter. The Hobbs brothers caught up to them, hooked their cars together, started an improved system, pulled helicopters into a pre-set trap zone, helicopters went out of control, and Brixton Hobbs and Shaw fell down the cliff together. 3 people started a decisive battle. Later, the two discovered that Brixton could only analyze their attacks individually. So the two work together. One person covers the other to attack. 1 person hit, 1 person repaid. Brixton was quickly knocked out. The virus in Hattie's body also successfully removed. Brixton's mission failed,

Eventually the bad guys were eliminated, Hobbs reunited with his family. The movie ends in fullness.


The film attracts viewers with its fast tempo, fast-paced chases and epic fight scenes. The very charming juggling of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Staham adds pure entertainment to the work. The film is a completely different taste from what the Fast and Furious series has brought to audiences during nearly two decades.