Film recap: Hope (2013)

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by Diệu Linh 14-04-2021

As a film with a high humanity, Hope has achieved absolute scores in the hearts of the public. The film makes viewers genuinely feel the pain of the victim's family, and at the same time condemns child abuse - an act of inhumaneity. Hope has won the Best Film award at the 34th Blue Dragon against many strong competitors such as Miracle In Cell No7, Snowpiercer and topped the local box office chart with 1.21 million tickets sold (5.2 million US Dollar) on the first week.

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General information

  • IMDb points:


  • Directors:

    Lee Joon-ik

  • Cast:

    Sol Kyung-gu , Uhm Ji-won, Lee Re

  • Nation:

    Hàn Quốc

  • Year:


  • Time to hit theaters:


  • Time:

    123 phút

  • Film type:

    Phim chiếu rạp

  • Category:

    Phim tâm lý

Movie summary

A young girl named So-won lives a simple life with her parents Dong-hoon and Mi-hee, a small merchant. One day on her way to school, So-won is kidnapped, beaten and raped by an unknown man before being left to death. Fortunately, she survived and was able to call an ambulance.

The police informed her father and mother about the attack and they rushed to the emergency room. When they arrived at the hospital, they were horrified by the extent of their daughter's injuries. So-won suffers from internal injuries and has to undergo major surgery. Dong-hoon is advised by the surgeon that So-won will have to wear a prosthetic bag for the rest of his life. When So-won regains consciousness, she is able to identify her attacker with the help of Jung-sook, a psychiatrist.
So-won's attacker was arrested at his home, and the case became a huge media explosion and caused much horror for her family and friends. When the reporters gathered at the hospital, Dong-hoon took So-won to another room and hid her from the media's attention.

So-won develops post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and briefly mistakes her father for her attacker, yelling at him as he is trying to fix her colostrum bag. It hurts so much when So-won refuses to look at his father and even talk
Mi-hee initially refuses psychological help for her daughter because she wishes for So-won to continue her normal life. However, she calmed down after understanding her daughter's mental state and asked Jung-sook's help. Her father works to pay medical expenses and calls her manager Gwang-sik, intending to quit his job to help take care of the family. Gwang-sik is aware of Dong-hoon's situation and convinces him to keep his job, and at the same time lends money to her father to pay for So-won's medical bills.

Mi-hee and her friends rent mascot costumes to play with So-won to cheer her up; this gives Dong-hoon the idea of ​​hiding underneath his daughter's favorite cartoon character "Cocomong" to communicate with her. So-won doesn't know who is underneath the costume, but she allows “Cocomong to hug her. Gradually, So-won's physical condition improved and she was able to return home. During the ride home, So-won vomits after passing through the location where she was attacked. . She and her parents were soon comforted when they noticed that the local community had decorated their home with encouraging notes. Mi-hee is touched when she finds that their home has also been cleaned during their absence.

Dong-hoon continues his work but also finds time to disguise himself as "Cocomong" and accompany So-won on his way to and from school. Soon, her mental state improved and she realized that her father had been hiding underneath his outfit the whole time. Touched by his love and concern for her, she took off her outfit and was able to see her father for the first time since her hospital admission.

Her family is worried about the upcoming trial because So-won has to testify against her attacker. With great effort, they attend the trial and So-won describes what happened during the attack and identifies her attacker. The bad thing is that the man was only sentenced to 12 years in prison, which infuriated So-won's family and friends. A battle breaks out in the courtroom with Dong-hoon intending to kill the attacker. Little So-won stops Dong-hoon's father and begs him to take her home. Some time later, So-won's mother gave birth to a son and was congratulated by family and friends including Jung-sook and Gwang-sik. In the final reports, So-won confided that she is still struggling mentally and often leaves school early, but the birth of her younger brother gives her new hope for purpose. living.


The movie Hope (Hope), the right name has brought all viewers towards hope. Hope gives viewers insight into the consequences of child sexual assault in society. The spirituality of the family, the emotional feelings of the fathers and mothers, the pain of seeing their little child. Life is always full of hope, never give up.

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