Film recap: The Con-Heartist (The best Thailand movie in 2021)

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by Huệ cookie 13-04-2021

Today Top Share will introduce you to the best Thai romantic comedy of 2021. The film is a super product of the producer who gave birth to cult films such as friend zone, rogue genius. This year's super product with the presence of the god Nadech Kugimiya and the jewel of Baifern Pimchanok is sure to bring you the funniest and funniest laughs.

The best cast in the cinema Trick to meet the scam, Photo source: YouTube

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General information

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  • Directors:

    Mez Tharatorn

  • Cast:

    Nadech Kugimiya, Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon, Thiti Mahayotaruk

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    Phim lẻ

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    Phim hài hước

Movie summary

The story is about the girl Ina who is a kind debt collector but carries a debt of up to 500,000. tarpaulin. In addition to the staff at the bank, she also made a YouTube channel, filming funny and bullshit clips every day, doing all kinds of tricks about her tragic life and calling on fans to donate.

That day, at work, she received a strange call, the enemy claimed to be an officer at Buri Ram District 14, he said she could search google to verify. With the reason that there are crazy fans who donated 55,000 baht to her. He transferred 500 baht to her in advance, and the rest would be fully disbursed when she paid 10% tax, or 5,500 baht. When she almost believed the word and transferred the money, she suddenly realized that he was a fraud because the tk he gave was his personal number, not the tax office's number. She investigated his account, learned his identity, name and address through her ID card, and recorded the conversation and promised to put him in jail.

Ina and Tower make an appointment to meet. She promised to delete the recording if he would cooperate and get the money back from the man who burned her with 500,000 baht. Who is he? He is her ex-boyfriend, the 4th year student with a sunny smile. He deceived her, causing her to take up family land to lend him money. Then later abandoned her without mercy.
After meeting Petch's former lover who cheated on him, seeing a pile of branded goods on him, rolex watches, frankly Lv, BMW cars, .... Tower decided to cooperate. Ina also discovered that the Tower scammer has the ability to read a superb mouth. (mouth-to-mouth reading scene).

The two of them plan together. First trick him into renting a hotel, then pretend to be a hotel worker and wait for money to be deposited into his account. To prepare for the plan, the two pretend to be a travel agency, surveying at a luxury hotel. Here they met the curled-haired hotel manager with large teeth. While talking, saliva continuously splashed, making 2 people extremely confused. While exchanging room rates, the saliva he manages kept spilling the Tower's table, coffee, and hands, yet he described thinking the air conditioner was running out and told to call the repairman. Next, hitting the ex-lover's love of cheating, finding someone to pretend to enrich her, and the Chinese language teacher, piling up debt is a great choice. The teacher will play the role of Ms. Liu, the CEO of a famous beer company from China, meeting Petch at the coffee shop in the company lobby. Seeing the elegant lady appear, on the body of brand-name earrings, clothes, bags, high heels, diamond rings ... get a good prey, but what he never goes to this rich lady is a con man. Liu asked Petch to book 30 hotel rooms a year for a team of surveyors and managers from China at the country's most expensive hotel. Suddenly a man passed by and stumbled on Ms. Liu's leg. He angrily scolded Ms. Liu, accidentally Petch discovered this guy was a beer company staff and questioned why he did not recognize his boss. While confused about how to handle it, Sister Liu pounded on the table to stand up, poured a sigh of Chinese on the employee's face and said that he would let him work in China for a year, the employee was scared and confused. hissed sorry and walked away. Petch was no longer suspicious at this point. At this time, Ms. Liu immediately borrowed an excuse to borrow Petch's phone, Ina also appeared to attract attention and retain Petch, helping Tower quickly go to change the phone number of the hotel manager to his own. The plan was initially successful.

Next is to find a person impersonating hotel staff to sign a contract with Petch. The main candidate is Jone- the brother of Tower with a very wicked greeting. Jone met Petch to close the contract with the figure of 3 million baht if all cash was paid. However, Petch's hand is not easy to deceive, he asks her to transfer money first before booking a hotel room.

The fraudulent quartet switched to plan B. 1 million in advance with 1 fake sec. After receiving 1 million cash back, Tower and Jone split the money in half and left, but then Tower returned. Perhaps in his heart he felt guilty and a bit reluctant to think of Ina.

They come back and together plan to get the remaining 2 million baht. By creating a competitor, Tower pretends Autu is a tycoon, specializes in importing super cars and is the owner of the rice bowl that Ms. Liu cooperates with. They took Petch to a makeshift supercar photography studio that they just built, and Ms. Liu wanted to invest in a supercar with Petch for 4 million. Each person 2 million in cash. After going back and forth to earn twice the amount of money invested, 2 scammers juggling in front of Petch, making his eyes shine. When the plan seemed to go well, the hotel manager called Petch, and everything was revealed, they were in the same group as Ina. He watched Ina go to a restaurant and overturned the group's plans, Ina found that very frightened. However, Petch used the old technique, deceiving Ina's feelings once more, seducing her to cooperate with him to play the Tower's group, when the two of them get the money, they will split 2 million. One side is teammates, the other is old love, how will Ira decide?

The day of the transaction has also arrived, Petch kept his promise, bringing 2 million in cash along with Ms. Liu's 2 million to Autu. At this time, they divided into 2 directions, Ina took the money, Tower and Ms. Liu arrived at the meeting point, but waited until Ina arrived. That's right, Ina took the money to the meeting point with Petch, she chose love and sold her teammates. But when the two were about to get in the car, Petch revealed his true nature, the door was locked, he was just using Ina. However, Ina did not grieve and smiled triumphantly. Because the truth is he was deceived. Actually, she doesn't have to match her suit, the money in her pocket is just newspaper. Petch lost everything, cars, brands, work, and the rich woman. Through events and days together, Tower and Ina also realize their feelings for each other.


The story of planning to deceive the person who tricked him seems familiar, but was blown into a new life by filmmakers from Thailand, making the film more dramatic, attractive and more attractive many humorous situations from the ironic plight of opposing character pairs. Ina is easy to trust people and sentimental, Tower is mischievous, calculating, not letting emotions dominate the work. They accompany, go through many challenges, eventually become sympathetic and complement each other's flaws.

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